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My name is Hedieh (هدیه), pronounced {Heh Dee eh} means gift in Farsi. I usually go with Hedi (Heh Dee), but I get called Heidi 95% of the time 😀


I am an Iranian-Canadian, a first-generation immigrant living in Manchester, UK, and I serve clients globally. I am a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur with an integrative movement approach that redefines fitness. 

I started my career as a Certified Personal Trainer with an extensive background in Martial Arts, Yoga, Strength Conditioning, Functional Strength Training, and Active Rehab. 


My career took a massive turn when I had a car accident that resulted in a concussion with constant head, neck, shoulder, and arm pain. 


My discomfort launched me on a path of finding a solution that didn’t exist in the conventional fitness and active rehab world. 


I began working with the world’s best practitioners, therapists and coaches and learned about the most innovative modalities in movement, joint health, posture, nervous system regulation, and trauma. 


After recovery, I made it my mission to integrate these life-changing teachings into my practice as a PT. Since then, I have helped hundreds of clients move beyond their perceived limits around exercise through my integrative movement approach. 


I believe we need to stop normalizing pain and aches and feeding into the narrative that “there is no pain, no gain.” I am committed to changing this narrative to leaning in over pushing through, focusing on strength AND the foundation on which the strength is built, and letting our body show us the way to true sustainable strength for life.

Client's Testimonial

My body experiences that has shaped the way I move with YOU:

〰 Recovery after a car accident that resulted in a severe undiagnosed concussion and total reality breakdown

〰 Full healing after 15 years of struggle with cystic acne, PCOS and emotional eating disorder

〰 Completely regaining mobility and flexibility after feeling stiff for as long as I could remember


Check out some of the resources that supported me along the way!

My lived experiences that guide the way I serve YOU:

〰 claiming my voice as a woman, immigrant, entrepreneur, former people pleaser and a recovering perfectionist

〰 moving from a small town to a big city at the age of 18

〰 immigrating to Vancouver, Canada, from Iran and to the UK 10 years later

〰 changing career from urban planning/design to starting my company as a second language

For more, check out my podcast 🎤 and read about my go solo story

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read my bio, please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be any of support for you,

Be mov〰ful 👁


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