Train your hammies

Train those hammies!   Why?   Your hamstrings (the ones that connect your butt to your knees) are an essential muscle group for stabilizing your pelvis and helping you move forward efficiently and effortlessly. So many ankles, knees, and lower back issues could associate with a lack of mobility and stability in your pelvis.   So many don’t move or walk as effortlessly as they can because they don’t recruit their hamstrings enough.   In

Posture Evolves

It was a summer morning.   Opened my eyes   I gently moved my neck side to side.   Something I have gotten used to since my car accident to check the intensity of my neck tension.   To my surprise, there was no pain but ease of movement. I felt energized and ready to get out of bed.   Felt so hopeful, thinking to myself, I finally found something that works.   Unlike other


You perhaps heard about the concept of grounding/earthing, i.e. activities that electrically reconnect you to mama earth. Today though, I want to talk to you about the concept of grounding through the lens of your feet’s abilities to grip the earth. Over the years, one of the most common things I’ve seen among my clients has been the lack of sensory awareness of their feet. And it always amazes me how often people fake feet

The magic of pelvis work

I’ve been doing this work for a while, and still, it amazes me how everything is a lot more interconnected than our human mind can comprehend. Today, I want to share a few miracles that I’ve seen in my body and clients’ after focusing on improving pelvis posture, which is the basis of what I will be teaching in the T+LT class this Sunday.   [ I ] The mysterious connection between your jaw and

I stopped thriving for balance and replaced that with harmony in life, and the way I teach movement today I learned {balance} in our bodies wouldn’t happen if there is no harmony. Harmony between left and right Carrying weight on one side as we shift gears to another Trusting both sides enough to move forward confidently More importantly, the central programming is aware enough to know how to establish this harmony so you can achieve