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I wish I could tell you all you need to live a healthy and thriving life is to eat healthily and exercise regularly, but this is far from the truth. 


The quality of your inner landscape, how you process your emotions, and how safe you feel inside could contribute to your overall health a lot more than just a healthy lifestyle. 


I battled with anger and unbearable rage for years; I smiled in one minute and lost my temper a second after that, especially towards people I cared about the most. The more I tried to control and suppress my anger, the more out of control it became. This pattern continued until I learned to sit with my anger. It came as a shock when I recognized my anger was coming from emotional hurt and even more shocking to realize how disconnected I felt from my emotions. 


When I was reading the book “When The Body Says No” by Gabor Mate, the part that got me the most was when cancer scientists studied a mixed group of cancer and non-cancer cases and showed them a series of disturbing images. The participants were asked to write how they feel after seeing those images while being monitored by stress devices. The result was mind-blowing. The people with cancer showed a significant disconnect between what they thought they felt and what they actually felt. 


This disconnection at some point protected us from getting more hurt, but what if we no longer need to suppress those emotions? What if we could live a more thriving life by unburdening our emotional pains? 


As part of the House Membership, we address the topics that are left out from a lot of healthy living conversations. In these events, I am committed to bringing you excellent resources and practitioners that guide you through creating safety in your body so you can return home. 


This month, we have Juliana Herlaar. She is a spiritual counselor and works by weaving ancestral acknowledgment, inner child healing, emotional understanding, somatic practices, meditation journeys, and the power of connecting emotions to communication and boundaries with her clients. 


Come and join us to tap into your body’s infinite wisdom.


This 90-min session has two parts:


❶ A dialogue around understanding why we disconnect from our bodies from a psychological and physiological perspective. And why it’s essential to reconnect to the bodies’ inherent knowing of what it needs to do to shift emotions, thoughts, trauma & beliefs that keep us stuck. 


❷ A practice session of the Non-Linear Movement Method that allows the body the opportunity to lead, shift thoughts, move emotions, connect to sensuality, experience pleasure, move discomfort. It’s done on the floor with music.


After this event, you have a better understanding of:


✦ How & why we become disembodied 

✦ How disembodiment leads to people-pleasing & a disregard for own experience, intuition & beliefs. 

✦ How the body leads & how to listen to it through the Non-Linear movement practice. 

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