Improve your balance tremendously

I stopped thriving for balance and replaced that with harmony in life,

and the way I teach movement today

I learned {balance} in our bodies wouldn’t happen if there is no harmony.

Harmony between left and right

Carrying weight on one side as we shift gears to another

Trust both sides enough to move forward confidently

More importantly, the central programming is aware enough to know how to establish this harmony so you can achieve unshakable {balance}.

This 👆🏼is {balance} for me.

I got here not by striving for equality on the left and the right.

But by understanding that we are inherently asymmetrical beings, different left to right.

Because of the positioning of your heart on the left and the way it impacts your breathing and everything from top to bottom

When you teach your body a more efficient way of moving forward with respect to the harmonious relationship between the left and the right, your posture adapts accordingly.

And you start moving more effortlessly, feeling more balanced and having a lot more energy for life.

I hope to see you in the space, and I’d like to leave you with two of my favourite pelvis exercises that help to build balance through harmony ⬇️

1. Teaching your pelvis to stabilize by activating your hamstring, inner thighs and TVA


You can dive deep here to learn more about training your hamstring for a stabilized pelvis.


2. Teaching your pelvis to move in all directions independent from your lower spine


To learn more about this subject, read this in-depth blog on everything pelvis or attend my online zoom sessions for extra pelvis love.


Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.

Be mov〰ful,



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