Lower Body Strength

Here is a step-by-step guide going through a solid lower body strength training session, starting from firing up your core, activating your glutes, and building that concrete strength.

1/Effective Core Engagement; I couldn’t show you a lower-body routine without touching on the importance of core activation. Let’s start your session by activating the deepest layer of your core. When it comes to using your core line efficiently, the first step is learning to engage your core without the need to flex or extend your spine. For example, when you do exercises on your back, you want to maintain the natural arch of your spine, not pressing down to the floor. Also, you want to avoid letting your belly hanging, and your rib cage flared up for movements like plank, which causes your lower spine to extend.

2/ Glutes Activation: After feeling the fire in your core, let’s move on to activating your glutes (booty). So many have a hard time firing up their glutes that could have so many reasons, lack of mobility in hips, no strength in the ball of the foot, too much compression in the spine, to name a few. This video could give you a kickstart. Keep this in mind, since you already engaged the core, you must feel it working as you are firing your glutes. If you feel like you are losing the core line, focus on your exhale (the longer, the better) to reconnect with it. 

3/Lower Leg Strength: Now it’s time to add more intensity! You could add weights or continue with bodyweight. In this video, you also learn how to recover from exercise (which is a form of stress) as quickly as possible with the power of your breath.

Give these movements a try, and let me know how stronger you feel in your upper back. If you’d like to incorporate a more regular movement routine to your life, check out our online studio for a week using the code “7DAYTRIAL”.

Hedi Shah / Movement Specialist . Trauma-informed PT . Heart Resonance Therapist


“It’s not only about moving your body; it’s about connecting to your body when you move.”

Desk Dweller’S Mobility Routine

Many of us continue working from home, go from one meeting to another without moving our butt an inch, no more walk to our favorite cafe near the office, or chatting with our colleagues in the hallway, our body gradually began molding into the shape of our office chair 😅⁠ These gentle movements can change the game for you.