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One of the topics that I’ve dived in deeply this year was various breathing techniques. I began experimenting with what I learned from my mentor, Ian Markow, in my body for three months before bringing it into my client work. Here is how I use to breathe:   https://secureservercdn.net/   Here is how I breathe now:   https://secureservercdn.net/   And, this shift made the most significant change in my body 👇🏻 ✨ My posture has

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Seven Mistakes In The Fitness Industry

When I began changing the way I worked with clients, one of the hardest things I had done was de-conditioning myself from what the personal training and fitness industry had taught me.   I continuously caught myself wondering what if my clients preferred the old way. The way that promotes “the heavier, the faster, the sweatier, THE BETTER.”   But I acknowledged the doubts and trusted that my clients would get this different way. The

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Healthy Living

I wish I could tell you all you need to live a healthy and thriving life is to eat healthily and exercise regularly, but this is far from the truth.    The quality of your inner landscape, how you process your emotions, and how safe you feel inside could contribute to your overall health a lot more than just a healthy lifestyle.    I battled with anger and unbearable rage for years; I smiled in

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Lower Body Strength

Here is a step-by-step guide going through a solid lower body strength training session, starting from firing up your core, activating your glutes, and building that concrete strength. 1/Effective Core Engagement; I couldn’t show you a lower-body routine without touching on the importance of core activation. Let’s start your session by activating the deepest layer of your core. When it comes to using your core line efficiently, the first step is learning to engage your

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Inner Craving!

Inner Cravings! You crave progress You crave to get to where we want to be You crave to have the body you want You crave to be pain-free You crave to feel even more confident in your body You crave to feel free in your body You sit with those cravings for so long that your cravings become something far-fetched. Something that causes you more pain than a direction to move towards Something that you

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