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M3 brings mobility, movement, and mindfulness together and focuses on overall controlled motion and foundational strengths. Session’s themes:

→ Mon: Pelvis Mobility + Single Leg Strength

→ Wed: Rib Cage Mobility + Upper Body Strength

→ Fri: Feet Mobility + Strength & Cardio Training

We meet on zoom!



with a minimum 3-month commitment

The House is an online studio where you become tall, bendy, and strong together with a dash of mindfulness.

When you become a member you get access to:

→ unlimited M3 classes + replays

→ sought after educational teachings on nutrition, nervous system regulation and mindfulness + member resource page

→ an incredible tribe of humans for some extra fun, accountability and laughter


If you want to feel extra confident before joining The House, you can purchase a Prep Package of 3×1:1 sessions with me, with special pricing for the prospective members of £199. Sign up here. 

Private Training


12-week personalized program
Click here if you want to discuss it first

Private Movement Training is for you if you are ready to:

→ shift your paradigm from pushing through to leaning in and letting your body lead the way

→ experience lasting transformation in your health journey and make it a non-negotiable part of your life

→ move beyond limitations, ditch quick fixes and short-term fitness programs and build unshakable sustainable strength


The offering includes:

→ Initial in-depth 1:1 Assessment

→ 3 * 1:1 Video Coaching Call with Hedi

→ Personalized Weekly Programming via Notion

→ Unlimited Email Support


B2B is for businesses looking for world-leading innovative movement, mindfulness and breathing practices to support their staff’s wellbeing. 

The types of practices are:

→ Lunch and learn workshops for educational purposes 

→ Gentle movement and breathing sessions to manage stress and anxiety

→ Strength training and mobility classes for overall wellbeing and resiliency

All of them are offered in-person and online based on your preference. 

B2B | Attendees Testimonial

The presenter had a very lovely voice, she gave good instructions and modifications. Overall the presentation was positive and encouraging. I currently am experiencing a lot of stress and stress-induced neck and shoulder pain and I think some of her exercises helped.

A very different way of using my muscles, clear explanation, clear prep instructions

This movement workshop was very innovative and made me feel great in my body. I liked how Hedi explained everything in detail and used different angles.

The host had a variety of activities for us to learn and do, mixed with plenty of calm and relaxation.

Hedi has such a unique way of working, even though we weren’t in the same room I got results. My body felt more peaceful and movement was easier afterwards as well where I’d previously felt stuck.