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M3 brings mobility, movement, and mindfulness together and focuses on overall controlled motion and foundational strengths. Session’s themes:

→ Mon: Pelvis Mobility + Single Leg Strength

→ Wed: Rib Cage Mobility + Upper Body Strength

→ Fri: Feet Mobility + Strength & Cardio Training

BodyUp gets you to increase your breathing capacity, lubricate your joints, improve your posture and calm your nerves down. Your body is your instrument to play your life’s music, and like any other instrument, your body needs tuning up too.

→ Upcoming class date: May 31 at 4 pm GMT



with a minimum 3-month commitment

The House is an online studio where you become tall, bendy, and strong together with a dash of mindfulness.

When you become a member you get access to:

→ unlimited M3 classes + replays

→ sought after educational teachings on nutrition, nervous system regulation and mindfulness + member resource page

→ an incredible tribe of humans for some extra fun, accountability and laughter


If you want to feel extra confident before joining The House, you can purchase a Prep Package of 3×1:1 sessions with me, with special pricing for the prospective members of £199. Sign up here. 

Private Training

Let’s discuss it

Private Movement Training is for you if you are ready to:

→ commit to yourself and the deep movement work for at least three months

→ shift your paradigm from pushing through to leaning in and letting your body lead the way

→ experience lasting transformation in your health journey and make it a non-negotiable part of your life

→ move beyond limitations, pursuing quick fixes and short-term fitness programs

→ deepen your understanding of your body and become more in tune with your inner wisdom