The number one secret to better posture (deep dive into core engagement)

The number one secret to improve your posture

is to build a stronger core! You may roll your eyes at me and tell me this is not anything new. Take a moment to see the photo below and the impact your midline has on your overall posture ↓


However, the way I teach it to you is uniquely different.


It’s less about doing all the crunch variation in the world; it’s about bringing your ribs into their ideal position for your body type.


You may ask, what’s the ideal position?

The answer: Where you can breathe more effortlessly (check out this blog for more on this)

If you ever worked with me in the past, you know that I’m obsessed with learning new modalities and experimenting with them on my body first. Then massage it into something that I know my community needs.


Here is my insanely unbelievable result 👇🏻


Here are a few things I began noticing that you don’t notice from the photos:

⭕️ The tension in the right side of my body decreased tremendously.


⭕️ My bodyweight began feeling more equally distributed on my feet, less leaning on one side compared to another side


⭕️ My pelvis started moving effortless side to side, and I could feel my body working on a walk without thinking about it


⭕️ I maintained nasal breathing on long hikes without feeling the need to open my mouth or have a dry mouth


⭕️ My post-concussion neck tension began diminishing


⭕️ I feel taller, leaner and experience a lot less anxiety


After seeing the improvement, I began incorporating the teachings into my 1:1 client work and all The House membership classes. 


Here is what one of my 1:1 clients has to say




I know, insane.


Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.


Be mov〰ful,



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