Transform your posture by learning the fundamentals + my personal posture transformation journey

It was a summer morning.


Opened my eyes


I gently moved my neck side to side.


Something I have gotten used to since my car accident to check the intensity of my neck tension.


To my surprise, there was no pain but ease of movement.



I felt energized and ready to get out of bed.


Felt so hopeful, thinking to myself, I finally found something that works.


Unlike other treatments, it’s not a quick fix, only to go away in a few days.


It is here to stay!



Watch the journey of my posture transformation + try my fav posture exercises:

My whole recovery experience lit a burning fire inside me, a fire of sacred responsibility 🔥 to share my knowledge.


I continue learning and remaining committed to becoming the most resourceful version of myself so that I can help you best understand your body’s language, move better & build an unshakable strength.


And I mean it with all of me.


I also want you to believe in your body’s magical power to heal and thrive.


and if this belief is far out of reach for you today, borrow mine, and let it plant a tiny seed of faith inside you 🤍


Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, or check out my online studio. 


Be mov〰ful,



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